Hattrick Control


Do you play Hattrick? Well, here's the best possible assistant!


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Do you want to have the best follow-up of your Hattrick team and optimize your management?

Hattrick Control is a complete assistant that will make the complicated task of an online football team manager easier. The program has a clear and functional interface, divided in tabs that contain the different aspects that you will need to think of to take your team to a higher level.

Plan the next lineup keeping in mind the qualifications of your players in function of their skills, form and stamina, realizing a complete follow-up of the training of your junior players or study where you can cut costs as to get out of the difficult economic time that doesn't allow you to evolve your team and aspire to rise to a higher league.

From now on, Hattrick will have no more mysteries for you.

There is also a paid version with advanced options that you can consult on the author's page.


Club - Fans. New file 'WorldDetails'.


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